Summer Kids Camp Activities

We offer a wide range of activities that include popular multi-sports, healthy lifestyle sessions, arts & crafts: all within a fun environment! As well as a great opportunity for children to keep active, adopt a healthy lifestyle approach and meet new friends.


Crafty Kids: A creative session and messy time with model making and painting

Super Sports: Action packed, high-energy multi-sports sessions.

The Fit Factor: Our very own talent show, Try keepie-ups, gymnastics or be a judge!

Team tastic: Team sports, games and tournaments, Chill, Chat & Challenge!

Sports Specific: Equipment-based sessions such as soccer, tennis & basketball.

Healthy Zone Activities: Fun lessons on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Splash Attack: Supersoakers, water bombs, capture the flag, heaps of fun!

Circuit games: using hoops, balls, balloons, bean bags and parachute games!


Sports Extravaganza: Obstacle courses, games, relays, and penalty shoot outs just to name a few of the spectacular sports on offer this week.


Superstars: Come to camp as your favourite superstar! Children will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in one of the many superstar actvie challenges.



From the wild west to the 1920's and from Cavemen to Pirates, the children will be able to try out activities and games from over 200 years ago to present day.



Everyone loves the circus! Acrobats, clowns, strongmen, lion tamers and more! Fit Fututres cant wait to see what talents the children bring to the talent quest!



Try your hand at one of many sports native to different countries around the world! Try handball, jumprope and much more!



Fit Futures will be hosting their very own Olympiad! Children have a chance to try their athletic skillls in discus, long jump, relays and much more!


We have a heap of proven ideas and programs for OOSH's and schools.