The Full Package For School Athletics

Fit Futures runs a complete athletics package – from teaching and developing all skills for athletics, testing and group students for carnivals as well as the complete organisation and running of your athletics carnival.

Here are 5 key reasons to choose Fit Futures for your Athletics Provider.

  1. Programs: Children will receive coaching in all Primary School track and field events as well as Hurdles, Javelin and Crouch starts. (List of program components)
    High jump Long Jump Triple jump
    Shot Put Discus Javelin
    Sprints Middle Distance Cross Country
    Relays Hurdles Correct Technique
  2. Staff: Qualified Athletics coaches
  3. Equipment: All our Athletics equipment is age appropriate and of the highest quality.
  4. Price: Our Athletics program is one of the most competitive programs for price in the industry.
  5. Peace of mind: We provide schools with a FREE trial so we can show your students, teachers and parents the magic we can produce.

Contact us today to book a free trial session for your school.