1. Staff – When you book us for your School, your program will be run by qualified gymnastics coaches or PE teachers who are passionate about teaching gymnastics.
  2. Programs – In conjunction with the school syllabus, we have developed a program which specialises in building the confidence of all children in the area of gymnastics. We provide all children with a firm foundation of the fundamental loco-motor and non-loco-motor gymnastics skills, and give them the opportunity to progress at their own pace. Teachers are given a comprehensive breakdown of the progress of each child throughout the term, and all students receive a certificate showing their achievements at the end of the program.
  3. Equipment – We provide each school with a large range of equipment throughout the program, including a huge carpeted foam floor area, trampoline, bars, rings, beam and wedges. Your students will love learning new skills with the aid of our high quality equipment.
  4. Cost – Our In-School Gymnastics Programs are one of the most inexpensive programs in the industry. All programs run between 8—10 weeks depending on your school needs and can be tailored to suit your timetable.
  5. Peace of mind – Free trial session for all schools.
    We offer schools a free trial session, so we can show your students, staff and parents the fun and engaging gymnastics sessions we can run for your school.

Fit Future’s Philosophy
Our company mission statement for our Gymnastics program is to provide students with an active, educational and engaging series of sessions, run by professional and enthusiastic staff on quality and appropriate equipment.