Carnivals and sports days

At Fit Futures we have a wide level of experience organising and running school sporting events. We have a number of PE teachers working for Fit Futures who have direct experience running school, regional and state swimming and athletic carnivals. Recently our Multi Sports event organised in a school in St Marys was described as “the best carnival I have ever seen”.

Our sessions and events are tailor made to suit the needs of your school. We strive to understand the requirements of our customers, and to make sure our programs and events are current and relevant. This includes ensuring all programs are appropriate to the facilities being used and events and activities are simple and easy to implement but great fun and exciting for the pupils. 

Regardless of how big or small your event, give Fit Futures a message to see what help we can give you in organising a professional event.

Examples of events organised:

  1. Multi Sports Carnivals
  2. Athletics carnivals
  3. School discos
  4. Year 6 leavers
  5. Inter-school competitions
  6. Fundraising events
  7. Sports Gala days
  8. Swimming Galas

To enquire about having Fit Futures run an event for you, please contact the office or 1300 129 093 or email us on