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Fit Futures is a group of experienced NSW accredited teachers and sports professionals who are passionate about delivering quality PE programs in line with the new NSW PE curriculum. Our programs are designed to get kids moving in an engaging and fun way. Each program is stage-specific and follows a clear progression with children learning new skills each week.

We have a core group of programs ready to run in your school or we can tailor-make a program to suit your school’s needs. 

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School Programs

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Gymnastics - GYM NSW Preferred Provider

The most engaging, fun and active gymnastics lessons you’ll find. Our program is unique, as every child is constantly moving, with no time wasted waiting in lines and music to keep them engaged and dancing throughout the session. These lessons focus on a mixture of fundamental movement skills, strength work, rhythmic gymnastics, and composition.
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FMS, Balls Skills & Sport Specific Programs

We love all sports and have great ways to teach your students the skills and movements needed to play them. From basic FMS  for K-2, transitional skills with years 3 and 4 and team skills and tactics in 5 and 6.  We always have plenty of equipment to keep participation and engagement levels high.
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Athletics & Carnivals

Need to get your students ready for carnival days? Our stage-specific programs work on the needs of your students. We work with infants to build fundamental movement skills, and with primary students to prepare for specific carnival events such as shotput, discus, high jump and track races. Our expert instructors ensure your students are participating safely, whilst maintaining high activity levels in engaging lessons.
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New moves, new skills, and a new sense of confidence through dance! Our dance program is designed to engage students at all skill levels. Students will learn a full hip-hop routine whilst gaining an understanding of all the elements of dance.
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Wellbeing & Leadership

This is fast becoming one of our favourite programs to run in schools. From Yoga to meditation, team building and cooperation activities. These programs not only help students get to know themselves better but also how to work in a team and how to communicate effectively to achieve a goal.
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Galas, Fun Days & Colour Runs

We have a huge amount of experience running all types of events for schools. From fun  sports and gala days to fundraising events like colour runs and walkathons. Our staff organise the whole event and bring all the equipment as well.  You definitely want to find out more about these events.
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5 reasons to choose Fit Futures:

Schools, Fit Futures


Stage specific programs designed for maximum participation and engagement for your students.

Schools, Fit Futures


Comprehensive range of stage specific equipment, detailed programs and assessments.
Schools, Fit Futures


NESA qualified teachers, sports professionals and a team who care about teaching.
Schools, Fit Futures


We do what you need, and what is best for the pupils and teachers at your school, this is not a one model fits all approach.
Schools, Fit Futures


Programs starting from $3 a pupil representing the best value for money .

Would you like a free trial of our programs at your school?


Fit Futures’ respected RFF program has long been recognized for its high quality and organization. Our staff consistency ensures they are there year after year for your school, becoming part of your school community. Your school’s needs are our priority, so we take the time to get to know your students and staff.

With our full RFF program, we will provide you with yearly PDHPE reports, scope, and sequence and stage-specific assessments. We will take each class from their teachers, giving them well deserved RFF time. Your students will get active, whilst learning and having fun with us! You can trust us to deliver high quality lessons that will develop stage-specific skills, and improve the health and social wellbeing of your students.

Why Fit Futures?

  • You’ll be provided with the same staff member all term, all year, and every year
  • Great communication from our staff to your staff and students
  • Flexibility in programs and timetabling
  • PBL (Positive Behaviour Learning) teaching
  • Clear assessments and PDHPE report
  • All staff are first aid trained
  • You can relax and enjoy your RFF time


Your time is valuable, so we provide you with assessments for each of the PE outcomes: PD-4, PD-5, PD-10, and PD-11, as well as behaviour and effort scores for each student.

You’ll enjoy termly and yearly breakdowns demonstrating the skills that we have focused on, with an average score for the year regarding each PE outcome. Termly reports also include comments where applicable.

Ask us now for a brochure that demonstrates the detailed assessments and reports that we provide.

Extra services we offer:

Would you like additional RFF time? Or just want more from your provider?

We can provide:


  • Programs in gymnastics, athletics, ball skills and FMS, resilience and wellbeing, dance, and sport specific programs in nearly any sport you can imagine!
  • Full assessments and reports
  • Scope and sequence for the full year in advance
  • PDHPE reports
  • All teacher documentation is provided prior to the commencement of programs
  • Athletics, ball sports and fun day carnivals
  • Online dance programs
  • Leadership, dance and fitness days
  • Equipment and programs to buy, so your teachers can deliver their own programs and activities
  • Additional coaches to support our teachers if required
  • Organisation and execution of Year 6 leavers events and discos
  • Year 6 leavers shirts
  • High quality, low cost sports uniforms for staff and students
  • Professional development for teachers led by our most experienced staff in areas such as:
    • Behaviour management
    • Inclusive and differentiated lessons
    • Creating engaging curriculum compliant lessons and programs
    • Class brain breaks and quick activities
    • Assessments
    • Sporting technique clinics

Teachers and schools are impressed by our lessons and programs because:

  • Our staff explain activities clearly and do not waste time with too much ‘teacher talk’
  • We demonstrate all tasks to cater to all kinds of learners
  • Lessons are fast-paced and engaging, ensuring that students are focused and behaviour is excellent
  • Our staff have been trained in PBL and are extremely encouraging and positive towards all students
  • Lessons are stage-specific and build on previous lessons
  • Assessments are structured and efficient
  • Lessons are engaging and fun