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Careers at Fit Futures

Do you want to teach pre planned inclusive sports lessons all day? Have pupils improving in front of your eyes and work with enthusiastic, committed and supportive staff. Get your foot in the teaching door with Fit Futures and we will help you start or progress your teaching career.

Why work at Fit Futures?

We are always looking for passionate qualified PE/Primary teachers to coordinate and deliver PDHPE programs. As a company, we are responsible for all aspects of the PDHPE curriculum, focusing on gymnastics, multisports, dance and athletics. We are looking for multi-skilled teachers and specialist teachers.

 As we run RFF programs, we are always looking for reliable, qualified teachers to implement and deliver our sports programs. We also have a multitude of coaches who assist our teachers to run gymnastics programs, dance programs, and non-PSSA sports at schools around NSW.

Many of our programs are full-year programs, so you will be teaching the same classes and be working with the same students and teachers each week, all year. This will provide you with a real taste of school life, without the responsibility of full teaching staff duties and lengthy end of year reports to write.

This is an amazing opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience in a supportive, inclusive and fun team and organisation.

Our pay rate is fantastic, as teachers can earn up to $360 per day!

You will be provided with lesson plans, great equipment to use, and staff to teach with!

Our Staff

Our team of dedicated PDHPE and Primary School teachers deliver enjoyable, engaging and fun lessons for children. Our staff are extremely committed to encouraging children to maintain a positive attitude, whilst constantly developing their skills and building confidence within their students.

We understand that the professionalism of our staff is of the utmost importance when providing quality education for students, and your children. This is why our staff are all highly trained and experienced teachers and coaches.

We ensure that our staff participate in termly training, regular feedback from management and on-site visits to maintain the quality of all lessons. Staff are all trained in the Positive Behaviour of Learning (PBL), which we implement in every school.

Our staff are passionate about teaching sport to children to help them reach their full potential and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

All Fit Futures teachers and coaches are:

  1. Fully Qualified (PDHPE teachers, Primary School Teachers, Sports Professionals)
  2. Fully Insured (Public and Personal Liability)
  3. First Aid Trained
  4. Possess Working with Children Checks
  5. Experienced, energetic, responsible and friendly
  6. Professional role models
  7. Multisport trained or specialists

On a recent training day, we asked our staff, “what do you like about working for Fit Futures?”

Here are some of their responses:

  • Detailed programs provided to staff
  • Feeling of importance and having your opinions heard
  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Working with different staff and programs
  • Great staff personalities and dynamics
  • Great communication from management
  • Nice uniforms
  • Fun programs to teach, with lots of equipment and resources
  • Training provided online and each term
  • Support for anything, just an email or a call away