Building Active Lifestyles

Fit Futures was created to give a fresh and new view of sports coaching for kids in Australia. We hope to not only defeat the problem of obesity and lack of fitness in students across Australia but also help them develop great exercise habits that will lay the foundations for a healthy adult lifestyle.

Our aim is to maximise the participation of all students during sports lessons, by providing exciting and new programs to keep them captivated and engaged for the whole lesson. We only use inclusive games and fun activities in our lessons to ensure all students are active for the whole class. All classes are taught in a pressure-free environment, through the philosophy of learning through play.


Our team of dedicated PDHPE and Primary school teachers deliver enjoyable and active sessions for children. They are committed to encouraging a positive attitude, constantly developing skills and building confidence in their students.

 We understand that the professionalism of our staff is very important in providing quality education for your student, which is why we only use highly trained and experienced coaches to become members of the Fit Futures team.

 Our staff are passionate about teaching sport to children, and helping them reach their full potential. All Fit Futures coaches are:

  1. Fully Qualified (PDHPE teachers, Primary School Teachers or Sports professionals)
  2. Fully Insured (Public and Personal Liability)
  3. First aid trained
  4. Working with children checked
  5. Experienced, energetic, responsible and friendly

Call us today on 1300 129 093 to speak with one of our friendly staff or email us at to find out more.